Worship Scripts

Find the right script to perform for your church, school or next event.

  • 40 Days: Temple Cleansing

    40 Days: Temple Cleansing

    Widowed and just wanting to worship, a woman describes the scene at the temple when Jesus drove out the money changers and the kind of more

  • Psalm 139

    Psalm 139

    Sometimes we believe that God just tolerates us because of all the “yuck” in our hearts. In this script, Tommy and Eddie more

  • Woe to Me

    Woe to Me

    A high school boy discovers the meaning of “woe to me” - that he is small and God is Great and Mighty. more

  • The Last Days: Collection

    The Last Days: Collection

    This collection of five reader’s theatre style scripts leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus is perfect for incorporating into more

  • The Best Gospel Sermon Intro Ever

    The Best Gospel Sermon Intro Ever

    Let’s be honest. Sometimes we lose sight of the wonder of what God did for us through the death and resurrection of Jesus. But more

  • Day of Hope

    Day of Hope

    It’s remarkable to think that the worst day of Jesus’ life was not a day of defeat, but of victory…and our day of more

  • Ash Wednesday

    Ash Wednesday

    Ash Wednesday marks the first day of Lent, a time for prayer and fasting. This responsive reading is a thoughtful way for your more

  • What is the Church?

    What is the Church?

    The church is what we build it to be. We are the church. In this script, three actors address the audience directly, first with more

  • His Unfailing Love

    His Unfailing Love

    This Responsive Reading is a declaration of thanksgiving to God who loves and provides for His people. more

  • A Love Letter from His Love Letter

    A Love Letter from His Love Letter

    This is a Readers Theatre expressing our devotion and gratefulness to the One who sent us the greatest love letter. more

  • Preprayer-ation


    A group of people gather for a workshop on how to pray, but the teacher of the class learns a thing or two from his students. more

  • The Secret is in the Praise

    The Secret is in the Praise

    Bob has an unexpected encounter with Rox, a homeless woman who teaches him about joy. more

  • The Skinny on Prayer

    The Skinny on Prayer

    Prayer is us communicating with God, but as Christians we oftentimes treat prayer as something to be checked off a list. We miss the more

  • It Starts With Me

    It Starts With Me

    Two friends have an exciting weekend at a football game and a rock concert, but when it comes to church on Sunday the excitement seems more

  • Two Kings?

    Two Kings?

    King Herod knew the birth of another king, Jesus, would mean his life would have to change. Do we recognize the same thing and that more

  • His Love Endures Forever

    His Love Endures Forever

    A prayer of thanksgiving to God and a response from God’s Word from Jeremiah 32 and 33. more

  • Weekly Worship Critique

    Weekly Worship Critique

    Four church members make critical comments throughout the worship service and then compare their perspectives after the service, only to more

  • The Skinny on Worship

    The Skinny on Worship

    We all have different ways to worship, and we all sometimes judge the way others worship. What does worship mean to you? more

  • The Skinny on Fasting

    The Skinny on Fasting

    Fasting can be one of those elusive and mysterious disciplines of the Christian faith. Here are a few people who can’t seem to get more

  • The Birth of Christ: Responsive Reading

    The Birth of Christ: Responsive Reading

    From Luke 2, the story of Christ is read with verses of praise in between. This reading gives your congregation reason to actively more

  • It’s All About Me

    It’s All About Me

    We are so easily distracted, and it seems especially when we’re trying to focus on God. What do you think about during worship? more

  • See You At The Pole

    See You At The Pole

    A popular TV show host shows up at a local high school’s See You At The Pole™ Rally. Through his interviews with students, we more

  • The Way We Pray (Ensemble Version)

    The Way We Pray (Ensemble Version)

    As this skit demonstrates, the real key to prayer is being genuine. What God really desires is a two-way conversation with us. more

  • Who Do You Say I Am

    Who Do You Say I Am

    In this skit we see that Jesus can play many different roles in our lives. But in reality, Jesus is above all these subjective roles, more