Train No.9: The Unexpected Journey

By Eddie James | License of Use
Train No.9: The Unexpected Journey is a six week drama which tells the story of Tim as he leaves his empty life and finds new life on board Train no.9. Living in a small town, Tim is searching for meaning in life. His friends and parents don't quite understand what the "lure" is to check out the train and see what is beyond the life they live.
Actors: 11+ Minutes:
Genre: Drama Format: PDF Download

Themes of Friendship, New Life, Salvation, Forgiveness, Walking the Walk all play a part in this comedy/drama. Great for building a story throughout the fall right up to the Holidays and plugging students in great roles and making them a success. Script is funny, poignant and says a lot without heavy verbiage. The cast has Ten Parts and extras if your drama group can accommodate. The characters could on different weeks be played by the same people if your drama group is smaller. A great opportunity to get some Adult Actors from your congregation to play the mom and dad in this on going saga. Could also be done as dinner theatre or a one act play.