Advent Videos

Find videos to support your advent series for your church worship service this Christmas season.

Usher in Christmas with this beautiful Advent series. Incorporate these call-to-worship videos into your weekly services leading up to Christmas, and draw your congregation's focus toward Jesus.

In this collection of beautiful videos, our hearts are prepared for the celebration of Jesus' birth. Use during your Advent services to set up the lighting of the Advent candles or to introduce a sermon. Collection includes Hope, Joy, Love, Peace, and Christmas Eve videos.

As we prepare our hearts and souls for the arrival of the Christ child, we focus on the themes of Advent: hope, love, joy, peace, and Christ. These thought-provoking and beautiful videos will fit into your Advent services as sermon introductions or to provide a time of reflection during worship.

Five beautiful worship reflection videos that focus on the themes of Advent: hope, love, joy, peace, and Christ (Advent Anthem). Perfect for sermon introductions or a time of reflection during worship.

A powerful call to worship film that will stir the hearts within the Church to celebrate the birth of Christ. Perfect for any time during the Christmas season or at Christmas Eve services.

In this visually stunning series, five videos prepare your congregation for worship in the weeks leading up to (and including) Christmas. Each motion graphic video focuses on Scripture from the Psalms.

The season of Advent is traditionally celebrated beginning on 4th Sunday before Christmas Day. This series of 5 mini movies about Advent and the story of Christmas is designed to be shown on the 4 Sundays before Christmas, with the 5th mini movie to be played on Christmas eve. As an alternative, these videos could be shown throughout the course of a single Christmas service or program. Following the journey of a modern day couple - she pregnant, he protective - we hear the elements of the story of Christmas described, one by one, as we get closer to the birth of the king.

This collection includes the "Advent: Introduction" video, five Advent Liturgy videos, and a PDF that has guidelines for how and when to use the videos during the Advent season as well as pages for each video's Liturgy.