Sanctity of Life Videos

Sunday, January 21st, is Sanctity of Life Sunday. Use one of the following videos to promote the value of life during your worship service.

Celebrate Sanctity of Life Sunday, or use this video any time of year as a reminder that God created each of us and life is sacred.

Each and every person in God's creation was knit together; He knows them and loves them. This video is a prayer and a timely reminder that all life is sacred, created by God for His purpose.

This beautiful short film is perfect for setting a tone of worship, declaring the sanctity of life, or simply describing the wonder of each person God has created. The powerful words of psalm 139 combine with visuals of colorful 3D ribbons weaving vibrant designs, timed to an epic soundtrack. We are all fearfully and wonderfully made!

Life is God given and precious. Scripture proclaims beautifully how God knitted each one of us together in our Mother’s womb. We were created with a purpose. We were created for the glory of God. We were created for life.

Using emotional music and graphics similar to those found in children's story books, this video presents a powerful message about the Sanctity of Life. We should protect life because each child is wonderfully and fearfully made by God. We are all His children, created by Him with a plan and a purpose. Each life deserves the chance to live. So, please present this message to your congregation during Sanctity of Life week or anytime you are preaching on the topics of abortion, pro-life, the sanctity of life, or the right to life.

This powerful mini-movie presents a compelling list of scripture, which make it obvious that God is pro-life. By featuring heart-felt music and adorable photos of children, this emotional video will make for a dramatic centerpiece to your worship service on Sanctity of Life Sunday. Remind your congregation of the sanctity of life and that we are all created by God and in His image. Please share this message with your church during Sanctity of Life week or as a part of your message on the topics of the right to life, the sanctity of life, abortion, or the pro-life movement.

Life is a precious gift given by the hand of God. Scripture declares each one of us to be His workmanship, knitted together in the womb. Based on Psalm 139, “Sanctity” is a powerful reminder of that gift.

I was unseen, but You saw me. I was unknown, but You knew me. A great opener or sermon starter for Sanctity of Life Sunday.

The sanctity of human life is a heavily debated topic in our society. However, the real issue is not “choice”, but instead “the origin of life”. According to Acts 17:25, God is the one who gives life and breath to everything. Each life has a purpose and worth beyond measure, because he or she was lovingly created by our Heavenly Father. Defend the powerless and speak for those who have no voice. Share this vitally important message on Sanctity of Life Sunday or anytime that you are preaching on the topics of right to life, abortion, the pro-life movement, or the sanctity of life.

The world tells us a lot about human life--its processes, its fragility, even its value. What the world doesn't tell us is that life has value, no matter what stage it's in. A great video for Sanctity of Life Sunday.

The Bible tells us that we are created in the image of God. Because that image is in us, all life is sacred. Use this movie to remind your congregation that we are all precious in God's sight.

The biggest question we can answer in the pro-life vs pro-choice debate is, "What is the origin of life?" Psalm 119:73 states, "Your hands have made and fashioned me." God plans and creates every human life in His likeness. Every life is sacred because God is the Author of life. We have a great obligation to protect and defend those who are innocent and can not defend themselves. Speak out for those who have no voice. Share this powerful message on Sanctity of Life Sunday and throughout the year when you are preaching about the right to life, the sanctity of human life, the pro life movement, or abortion.