Videos for Palm Sunday

Use one of these videos for your Palm Sunday worship service. We have videos that can start your worship service or scenes to help set up your sermon.

Watch the story of Palm Sunday unfold with striking visuals. As you hear and see the crowds celebrating and His enemies plotting, you'll see Jesus enter Jerusalem, fulfilling the prophecy from Zechariah. Behold, your King is coming to you.

As Tommy and Eddie explain what happened on the first Palm Sunday, Tommy's imagination gets a little out of control. Between flying candies and impromptu karaoke, the guys eventually get to the point of what Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem means for us.

The parade on Palm Sunday was unlike any other. This upbeat and celebratory video is perfect for a call to worship or sermon introduction on Palm Sunday, as we remember Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

One of the disciples struggles with the assignment they’ve been given by Jesus — to get a donkey. The other reminds him of the miracles Jesus has performed, and ultimately convinces his fellow disciple that they can trust Jesus, even if they don’t understand why He’s asking them to do this. This video is based on Luke 23:46 and is part of the Last Words of Christ Easter series, and can also stand alone as a Palm Sunday video or sermon illustration on trusting God.



Hosanna, blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord. Use this energetic and upbeat mini-movie as an introduction to your time of worship on Palm Sunday.

As Holy Week begins, “Hosanna” is the cry of our hearts. Today, we worship a triumphant Messiah. A Savior willing to give everything to redeem our eternity. Today, we worship Jesus!

What is Palm Sunday? The Skit Guys explain the history and significance of Palm Sunday as only they can. Get your church prepared to celebrate Holy Week!

A guy borrows one donkey and never hears the end of it. Listen as one of Jesus’s followers describes the atmosphere around Jesus’s triumphant arrival on Palm Sunday.

Peter recounts the day Jesus rode into Jerusalem with crowds chanting, “Hosanna in the highest! Salvation has come!” Others finally figured out what he already knew—that Jesus was the one who will save us when we call His name. This mini-movie is ideal for Palm Sunday or to set up a sermon about trusting Jesus.

Two disciples remember being with Jesus the week before his resurrection. A great video for the weeks leading up to Easter, and ideal for Palm Sunday.

As Holy Week begins, we cry out in worship to Jesus, Our Savior, Our Messiah. In triumph he has entered Jerusalem and in triumph He will defeat sin and death. Hosanna in the highest!

Lazarus missed Palm Sunday. Watch as Mary and Lazarus talk about what the day was like….the day that the King of Kings rode through Jerusalem on a donkey.

On Palm Sunday, Jesus entered into Jerusalem as a King with crowds shouting praises to Him saying, “Hosanna to the Son of David!” Encourage your church to also praise Jesus as King this Palm Sunday. Encourage them to sing out, “Hosanna in the Highest” and “Hosanna to the King of Kings!” This mini-movie will help prepare the hearts of your church for worship on Palm Sunday.

Use this mini-movie as a energetic and upbeat introduction to your time of worship on Palm Sunday.

On Palm Sunday, Jesus rode a donkey toward the gates of Jerusalem while crowds of people were waving palm branches and shouting, “Hosanna”. But, the Pharisees were angry and told Jesus, “Quiet your people down.” Jesus replied, “If they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.” This Palm Sunday, encourage your congregation to “cry out” to Hosanna! Encourage your congregation to worship the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Prepare your people to worship Jesus in spirit and in truth.

On Palm Sunday we celebrate the triumphal entry of Jesus Christ; the day the great crowd gathered in Jerusalem to welcome their king. But Jesus wasn’t the kind of king they were expecting. This worship intro is perfect for the Easter season, especially your Palm Sunday service. Based on John 12:12-13 and John 18:33-36.

Though he was blind, Bartimaeus could see that Jesus was more than just a great teacher. He believed and trusted that Jesus could heal his blindness when he shouted out to Jesus from the side of the road. As he recounts his story with his vision restored, Bartimaeus tells how he joined the crowds on Palm Sunday, shouting that Jesus is Hosanna in the highest.

Days before he will be crucified, Jesus entered Jerusalem. The events of this week will change the world. This is Palm Sunday. This is Jesus.

A deeply moving Easter video. Through the lens of the Triumphal Entry, The Cross, and the Garden, “Return of the King” is a powerful proclamation of the power of the resurrection. Long live the king!