Angie Woodard

Angie began managing the finances of The Skit Guys ministry in circa 1996, five years into her marriage with Tommy (the Skit Guy with hair). She was standing in the kitchen nearby, when Tommy & Eddie realized that "One dollar for you & one dollar for me." was not an acceptable method of bookkeeping. Therefore, the job landed on her. Angie's freaky organization skills, combined with a top-notch BBA degree from Baylor Univ., and work experiences as a broadcast media buyer followed by office manager for the most awesome Christian counselors in Dallas, have helped things run rather nicely for the past 17 years.

As much as Angie loves her work for The Skit Guys, she loves her family most. She counts it a true joy to be the mom of two incredibly awesome kids...Abby & Hudson. They are as beautiful, talented, and funny as their dad! When she's not countin' and distributin' the beans, she is cartin' her kids around and volunteering at their schools. She is also a self-professed HGTV junkie who enjoys thrifting and poking around antique stores. Angie is thankful to be a singer (back-up singer... let's not get too excited) with the worship band at Newchurch in OKC. And yes...Tommy is a real hoot at home and she still laughs at him.