Dr. David Rogers

David's seat on the Skit Guys bus is to make sure that the stuff they produce or make available does not cause Tommy and Eddie to end up with a millstone tied around their necks for promoting heresy in their skits, videos and scripts that causes people to stumble from a biblical or theological basis. If anything is available from the Skit Guys website, The good Dr. has run it through the heresy filter and made sure it is theologically in sync with what the Bible actually says. David writes most of the Skit Guys study guides and throws lots of ideas on the table for consideration.

David is married to the most beautiful person in the world: the great and powerful Alison. His greatest joy in life is being a dad to their two children. When not reading massive amounts of books by guys who have been dead a long time, he loves watching sports, eating good food, and grilling on the Traeger.

David graduated from Baylor University with his Undergrad, from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary with his Masters in Divinity and got his Doctorate from George W. Truett Theological Seminary. He has written a couple of books, had some theological papers published and has written a song even though he has absolutely zero musical talent. David is close to perfecting the Jedi Mind Trick.