Sarah Wall

Try as you may, you'd never be able to convince Sarah that her connection to Skit Guys, Inc. was not a total God-thing.

She's been given the part of Booking Assistant on the Skit Guys' team. As such, she has the privilege of handling initial booking inquiries from the fine folks who call with booking questions or submit booking requests. She pretty much dominates in the game of Phone Tag.

Sarah is what happens when you fuse New England upbringing and southern domestication. She's been graced with a hilarious husband named Matthew, a precious daughter named Julia, and a stealthy, ninja-cat named Bella. Sarah has the privilege of ministering to and worshiping with Brown’s Chapel Baptist Church in Pacolet, South Carolina. She’s willing to admit she's a spectacular mess, and wakes up every morning grateful that Jesus came for the messes.