The Creative Pastor's Guide to Christmas

The Creative Pastor's Guide to Christmas

Communicate Early & Often

Lots of families start making their Christmas plans even before Thanksgiving. Early communication to your congregation will get it on their radar when the planners start to fill up. Communicating it often (weekly) will remind them, because many will likely forget.

Bring In The Kids

Invite children to be part of the service. Whether you have them sit near the pastor while the Christmas story is read, or you use an interactive no-prep play, giving kids a role in the service adds an element of fun and wonder. See our list of Christmas plays and skits.

Pajama Time

Make it easy on families with young children by telling them to come to Christmas Eve services in their pajamas. Make a big deal out of it, too. Kids will love it, and parents can rest easy knowing they can put them straight to bed when they get home.

Christmas Socks

Keep Expectations Realistic

Remember that the first Christmas was probably a little chaotic. It's ok if Mary swings the baby Jesus doll by his leg, or if a shepherd goes rogue and leaves the stage. If the focus is on Jesus, the hiccups become part of the joy of the celebration of His birth.

Go Green & Clean

Tire of all the smoke and clean-up of melted wax from candles? LED flickering tea lights are pretty cheap these days especially when you buy in bulk.