Mom Goggles 2

Announcement Videos

Mother’s Day Reminder

The Skit Guys bring you an important message about an affliction that impacts men around the world: FMD. Watch, be informed and be prepared. Use this as a funny reminder that Mother’s Day is just around the corner.

Church Announcement 2: Make Room

Need people to move closer together to free up space for more people? Tommy and Eddie have got you covered!

Church Announcement 2: New Series

Can you handle the new series? Tommy and Eddie will set you up to introduce a new sermon series.

Church Announcement 2: Social Media

People don’t need to knock on random doors any more to tell people about what’s going on at church. Help people understand that they can use social media to tell people about all the awesome things your church is doing!

Church Announcement 2: Volunteer

Need some more people to help in your nursery? Eddie makes a guarantee that might get more people to sign up.

Church Announcement 2: Womens Retreat

Two guys putting the call out for your church’s women’s retreat…just watch and laugh.

Church Announcement: Cell Phone Selfies

Need help reminding people to turn off their cell phones? Watch as Tommy and Eddie talk people through the process of shutting off their phones (or taking selfies).

Church Announcement: Cell Phone Sleep

Ever had someone in your church fall asleep with their ringer on? Use this video to remind your congregation to silence their cell phones.

Church Announcement: Children Ministry Dedication

A great reminder for your church that we can all play a part in helping out in the Children’s Ministry.

Church Announcement: Drama Team

Watch Tommy and Eddie in an awkward appeal to the church for your drama team.

Church Announcement: See You Next Week

Tommy and Eddie “encourage” your church to clear out after your service is over.

Church Announcement: Youth Ministry

Watch as Tommy and Eddie suffer… err… enjoy the perks of volunteering with the youth ministry.