Announcements Videos


This powerful volunteering promo begins with scripture from Matthew 25 (the sheep and the goats), but then expands to demonstrate all of the various ways in which church volunteers serve those in need. This sermon or announcement mini-movie represents a wide variety of serving areas from greeters, childrenís, prayer, worship, tech and so many more. Excellent for recruiting and inspiration!

Church Announcement Pack 2

Want to inject a little laughter in your announcements? Tommy and Eddie are back with a new batch of funny set ups for church announcements. Whether you want help telling people to make room for more people, looking for volunteers, or just want to make sure people know they can use your church’s social media…The Skit Guys will have your congregation laughing. The pack contains 12 videos that you can use to spice up your church announcements.

Church Announcement 2: Recovery

Recovery groups can help people that are dealing with hurts, habits and hangups, watch as Eddie puts out the call to your congregation.

Church Announcement Pack

Sunday morning announcements just got awesome. Let Tommy and Eddie help you get volunteers, turn off cell phones, greet people during your church services, and much more! The pack contains 12 videos that you can use to spice up your church announcements.

Church Announcement: Small Groups

Small Groups: Whatever you may call them, Tommy and Eddie encourage your church to sign up for small groups.

Church Announcement: Children Ministry Free Snacks

Volunteers in children’s ministry get all the good snacks. Watch as Tommy and Eddie put the call out for children’s ministry volunteers.

Church Announcement: Greeters

Looking for warm bodies to greet people to your church? Tommy and Eddie explain the finer points of your worship leaders hair, church finances, and signing up to greet people at church.

Church Announcement: Tech Team

Need people that are good with lighting, audio or sound? Let Tommy and Eddie put out the appeal to your church.

Church Announcement: Volunteers

Put out the call for volunteers at your church. Tommy and Eddie ask for volunteers in any ministry (especially a new volunteer for announcements).

Church Announcement: Worship

Want to encourage the musically inclined to sign up for the worship team? Watch as Tommy encourages Eddie not to sign up.