Candles Videos

Advent Collection

This collection includes the “Advent: Introduction” video, five Advent Liturgy videos, and a PDF that has guidelines for how and when to use the videos during the Advent season as well as pages for each video’s Liturgy.

Advent: Introduction

For congregations unfamiliar with Advent, this introduction helps serve as primer for its practices and tra- ditions, ones that have for centuries helped Christians focus on and commemorate the true reason of the Christmas season.

Advent: The Hope Candle

Having strayed from the path of righteousness, The Hope Candle creates a yearning in our souls for the coming Shepherd who will guide us.

Advent: The Preparation Candle

In need of forgiveness,The Preparation Candle prepares our hearts to receive a Savior who will carry the burden of our transgressions.

Advent: The Joy Candle

With praise on our lips and gratitude in our hearts, The Joy Candle expresses our excitement for the Child who will be born and the King who will return.

Advent: The Love Candle

In humility, The Love Candle acknowledges that we have received atonement for our sins because He first loved us.

Advent: The Christ Candle

On the eve of His birth, The Christ Candle leads us into receiving - at long last - the promised Child: Immanuel, God with us.