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Bible Connection

The Bible is more than just a book we open and read in church.  It’s the Word of God.  A book we should open daily to guide us, activate our imagination, and bring us closer to God.  This is a new comedy in the Connection series from Soul Refinery.

Connect With A Small Group

It’s so important for people to be involved and growing through your worship service. But, at the same time, it’s easy for people to get “lost in the crowd” and never really get connected. That’s where Small Groups come in. Use this video to encourage your church to get involved in a Small Group, where they can connect, grow, and find support. In a small group they will find the encouragement and acceptance they need to become fully devoted followers of Christ. This small group promo video can be used as part of your announcement time or when you are preaching on the topics of discipleship, Bible study, community, or spiritual growth. Get your members connected to a small group today.