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A Memorial Day Prayer

Fathers Videos

A Father’s Glory

If all the bad ties in the world were laid end-to-end, we still wouldn’t be able to show how wide our love is for fathers. This Father’s Day, remind dads in your congregation that they are the glory of their children. #DadsAreAwesome.

Dad Talk

Who do you think is the greatest TV Dad ever? What’s the best advice your Dad gave you? What makes a great super hero? Find out what Tommy and Eddie think about these and other Dad questions.

A Father’s Day Benediction

Send fathers out into their worlds with this special benediction, filled with statements of unique blessing over them.

Epic Dad

This Father’s Day, one man, will defy the odds. The yard will be epic. The BBQ succulent. The golf course conquered. He is awesome personified…He is Dad!

Hard To Say

It’s not always easy saying thanks to your Dad, but make the effort…it’s worth it.

I Had Sex

A daughter reaches out to her father about an uncomfortable yet important topic but she finds him unprepared to talk about it. Watch as they struggle through a conversation about sex and its consequences. Use this video as an opener to discuss the unexpected.