Wanted: Volunteers

Volunteers dancing 800 200 px

We're currently looking for people who can volunteer as production assistants (PAs) and background extras for a shoot in the OKC area the week of October 3-7.

"I want to be behind the scenes!"

→ If you're 18+ and interested in being a PA (running errands, decorating and helping on set), please click here.

"I want to be on screen!"

→ If you're 18+ and want to be a background extra for our shoot on Wednesday, Oct 5 (from approx. 6pm-11pm), please click here.

→ If you're a mom with a baby or toddler, and you'd like to audition for a one-line speaking role for our shoot on Wednesday Oct. 5 (from approx. 6pm-10pm), please click here.