The Innkeeper's Dilemma (Duet Version)

By Eddie James Tommy Woodard | License of Use
This drama tells the story of Stuart, an innkeeper, and his quest to find meaning in his life. Along the way he encounters some shepherds, a wiseman, and his family who help him see that God has provided purpose in the little baby that has been born in the stable.
Actors: 2 Minutes: 12-15 minutes
Genre: Drama Format: PDF Download

Stuart tells the story of the strange night in the inn minus a wife or kids. More of a monologue feel as different characters come up to progress the story further. Stuart stays the same character as the other actor plays all the supporting characters. THIS VERSION DONE BY TOMMY AND EDDIE DURING CHRISTMAS SEASON.

The script is broken into three scenes and can be either performed all at once, or over the course of three sessions.

The script also comes with three ready to go messages that coincide with the script.

Get the video of The Skit Guys performing this script!