Cyber Monday 2018

It's Cyber Monday! We couldn't miss out on all the fun. Here are some great gift ideas with some deep discounts at almost 50% off! Available while supplies last!

Growing up on the mean streets of suburban Edmond, Oklahoma these two best friends had to figure out how to survive. Break dancing wouldn't become more than just a hobby, the centipede took it's toll on their knees early on. But skits, yes, skits would become a way of life. Once they found an unused outlet, they would take their boogaloo electric.

You want the funny? We’ll show you the funny. As a matter of fact, this DVD may be too funny. While we highly recommend that you insert it into your DVD player as soon as possible, please consult your doctor before viewing. Some perscription-stength funny can be dangerous to your health if experienced in excess. Skit Guys,Inc. will not be held liable for any bodily injury resulting from the funny on this DVD.

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