The Table

Were you at a Skit Guys show but missed out on some of our merch? Below you'll find items we typically have for sale at our table.

When Tommy and Eddie performed for the thousands of leaders at Celebrate Recovery, they prayed God would use them to bring laughter and truth to edify His people. And that's our prayer for you too.

Let the Skit Guys take your group through each of the 12 steps with the new 12 Step'n with The Skit Guys DVD. Tommy and Eddie provide a quick explanation of each step that will get your meeting laughing and thinking about each step. Perfect for both Celebrate Recovery and Landing meetings. Run Time: 31 minutes

In this skit, packed with humor and depth, The Skit Guys dig into what the Serenity Prayer is all about. The DVD includes the Serenity Prayer mini-movie, a devotional with Tommy and Eddie, plus bonus features like the script, small group questions, devotional slides, and more.

Audiences at Celebrate Recovery events have laughed and cried with The Skit Guys. You'll be thrilled to know that this compilation DVD is filled with those skits and more. Now you can bring these skits with you to laugh and cry in the privacy of your own home (or use them to make other people laugh or cry at your CR meetings!). This DVD includes 9 great videos for CR meetings, small groups, and The Landing.

Warning: Severe Laughing Hazard" Before you sit down to watch this DVD, make sure you know who to contact in case of an emergency*. The Skit Guys, Tommy and Eddie, have packed this DVD with skits that will make you chuckle, chortle, giggle, guffaw, and laugh more. *Possible side effects include: increase in laugh lines, a feeling of lightheartedness, overall feelings of elation, and stomach cramps. If these symptoms persist, we've done our job.

This DVD Bundle includes 'Laugh', 'Show Me the Funny, and 'Electric Boogaloo'. Get all 3 DVD's for this incredible price!