More Than Enough For Tomorrow

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In the midst of uncertainty; our faith can struggle, our walk becomes labored, and our heart heavy. There’s something about the unknown which seems to weaken us. It drains our patience and blurs our focus. Yet, in the middle of everything stands a faithful God. A God who is not swayed by the struggle and isn’t moved by the winds of chaos. A God who remains faithful even when our faith is fragile. It seems more difficult than ever to not worry about tomorrow, yet that’s exactly what God has asked us to do. For when we cast our burdens on Him, the troubles of the moment begin to fade. When we trust the plans He has for us, our fear begins to subside. When we fix our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of our faith, our focus becomes consumed by clarity. Yes, we are in the midst of uncertainty, but we can be certain of one thing…God is faithful, and that is more than enough for tomorrow.
Length: 1:57