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The New Year is often a time of reflection. A chance to look back on the past 365 days and remember. Sometimes the memories bring a smile and other times they break our hearts. Chances are, you’ve experienced a bit of both this past year. The New Year is also a time to look ahead. To imagine what could be. To scan the horizon with expectation and seek God’s guiding hand. It’s a time to strive for better. To live louder, love stronger and be more of who God has created us to be. It’s an opportunity for new beginnings. A chance to start fresh, pursue God with a renewed passion, and to press on with all our hearts. The truth is, God has been faithful this past year and that faithfulness promises to carry us through the next. As a new year begins may we remember this one simple truth; In Christ we are a new creation, the old has gone and the new has come.
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