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The Call of Christmas

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The Call of Christmas series is more than just the story of Jesus’ arrival. Through the stories of Zechariah, Mary, Joseph, and the shepherds, we’re each given a call to prepare, a call to provide, a call to protect, and a call to praise. This series will help prepare your church for a celebration of the arrival of Jesus and can also be used as part of an Advent series.

What's Included?

5 Videos

Includes 5 downloadable videos for Zechariah, Mary, Joseph, Shepherds, and The Call of Christmas Anthem.

5 Scripts

Incldues PDF scripts for Zechariah, Mary, Joseph, Shepherds, and The Call of Christmas Anthem that you can use to perform yourself.

Sermon Outlines & Slides

Sermon outlines are provide for each of the 5 scenes along with slides to use during your sermon.

How-To Guide

We have written a guide that gives you some ideas on how to use The Call of Christmas for your church. Click here to view.

Worship Media

This series includes motion backgrounds, still backgrounds, and a countdown video to use during your worship service.


Includes the digital files for the artwork that you can use to create posters, postcards, door hangers bulletin inserts and more.

Promotional Video

Get the word out about your upcoming series with the included promotional video.


If you are performing The Call of Christmas live, we have also included MP3 files of the same background music used in the videos.