The Hope Of Easter Remains

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Living with uncertainty can take its toll. The normal day to day is replaced with fear, worry, doubt. When our “normal” is disrupted, our surroundings begin to feel weak, foundations begin to rattle our lives become…disoriented. Even in our darkest moments, when the last thread of hope has unraveled from our being, we must dwell on truth. We must remember, no matter what is happening around us, God is still sovereign. He is not surprised by this moment. Today let us dwell on the truth of Easter. The stone has been rolled away. The grave has been rendered powerless. Death has transformed to life. Night has been overcome by Day. In our fear, He is still risen. In our worry, He is still victorious. In our doubt, He is still alive. When everything seems hopeless…The hope of Easter remains.
Length: 1:58