Easter Upside Down: Easter Bundle

By The Skit Guys | License of Use | Includes Streaming Rights
Jesus came to turn everything upside down. His life was an example of how we are to live, and His death and resurrection made a way for each of us to experience God’s forgiveness. This Easter series presents 5 vidoes — 4 that feature people who interacted with Jesus, sharing their stories of how they witnessed Him turning things upside down, and 1 Easter anthem that connects Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection to our lives today.

The Easter Upside Down bundle includes sermon outlines, motion graphics, art to help you promote the series, and the scripts for each video, if you want to include live performances in your Easter series.
Versions with closed caption included

What's Included?

5 Mini Movies

Includes 5 downloadable videos for Mara, Mary of Bethany, Judas, Peter, and The Great Commission.

5 Scripts

Incldues PDF scripts for Mara, Mary of Bethany, Judas, Peter, and The Great Commission that you can use to perform yourself.

Sermon Outlines & Slides

Sermon outlines are provide for each of the 5 mini movies along with slides to use during your sermon.

How-To Guide

We have written a guide that gives you some ideas on how to use Easter Upside Down for your church.

Worship Media

This series includes motion backgrounds, still backgrounds, and a countdown video to use during your worship service.


Includes the digital files for the artwork that you can use to create posters, postcards, door hangers bulletin inserts and more.

Promotional Video

Get the word out about your upcoming series with the included promotional video.


If you are performing Easter Upside Down live, we have also included MP3 files of the same background music used in the videos.