Reflections On Lent II

By The Skit Guys | License of Use | Includes Streaming Rights
In this beautiful series for Lent, you will get 6 weeks of videos, plus videos for Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, and Easter. Use these as a call to worship or as a sermon introduction as we begin to focus on the sacrifice of our Savior.

Ash Wednesday: This video for Ash Wednesday offers heartfelt, honest prayers for God’s mercy, despite the ways we fall short and fall into sin.

Week 1: Call your congregation to listen to the needs of others, to reach out and help, and to remember that God has done all of that for them. Use this video the first week of Lent, or anytime you want to set up a message on being there for others.

Week 2: Remind people to believe that God is present and is using all the things in their lives -- the good and the bad — for His purposes. Use this video the second week of Lent, or to set up a message on trusting and believing in God’s plan.

Week 3: Rather than complaining and demanding more, let us give thanks to God for all He has given us, and accept His unconditional love for us. This video fits into week three of Lent, or could be used to set up a sermon.

Week 4: Help people understand that when they don’t feel like they measure up they should remember that God sees them as worthy, and loves them no matter what. Use this video the fourth week of Lent, or to set up a message on God’s unconditional love.

Week 5: This prayer acknowledges that when we feel alone and abandoned, it’s because we have moved away from God. Invite your congregation to join in this prayer for renewal. Use this video on the fifth week of Lent, or to set up a message.

Week 6: Jesus died for our sins, so why do we still cling to the guilt and shame? This video is a prayer inviting God to chisel away what we don’t need and make us more like Him. Use this video on the sixth week of Lent, or to set up a sermon about salvation and restoration.

Good Friday: Invite your congregation into a Good Friday prayer that illustrates what the disciples must have felt following Jesus’ death. disciples could have prayed after Jesus’ death. It echoes the fear, uncertainty, gloom, and pain that was felt without Jesus’ presence on earth, but holds onto hope as we all wait in the darkness.

Easter Sunday: The moment when everything changed — the morning Jesus rose and broke through the darkness — we were all given a new life, a do-over. Celebrate Easter Sunday with this prayer of rejoicing at Jesus’ resurrection.