Our Risen Savior

By The Skit Guys | License of Use | Includes Streaming Rights
Watch this series of vignettes that communicate the impact of Christ both before and after the Cross. This package is a profoundly moving and authentic way to prepare the hearts and minds of your congregation in advance of Easter.

What's Included?

  • 4 Mini Movies

    Includes 4 downloadable videos for Mary and Lazarus, Barabbas, Peter and John, and Road to Emmaus.

  • 4 Scripts

    Includes PDF scripts for Mary and Lazarus, Barabbas, Peter and John, and Road to Emmaus that you can use to perform yourself.

  • Sermon Outlines & Slides

    Sermon outlines are provide for each of the 4 mini movies along with slides to use during your sermon.

  • How-To Guide

    We have written a guide that gives you some ideas on how to use Our Risen Savior for your church. View the How-To Guide.

  • Worship Media

    This series includes motion backgrounds, still backgrounds, and a countdown video to use during your worship service.

  • Artwork

    Includes the digital files for the artwork that you can use to create posters, postcards, door hangers bulletin inserts and more. (With optional Saviour spelling)

  • Music

    If you are performing Our Risen Savior live, we have also included MP3 files of the same background music used in the videos.