Who Do You Say I Am? Bundle

By The Skit Guys | License of Use | Includes Streaming Rights
There is a question that Jesus asked his disciples—the most important question. One that resonates through history. A question that He asks each one of us: "Who Do You Say I Am?"

This new teaching experience is designed to help your congregation prepare for and celebrate this holy season of Easter. “Who Do You Say I Am” is a fully customizable experience. You can use it as a 5-week teaching series, a full-length Easter program, a Holy Week experience, or even as material for your small groups.

Included are 5 mini-movies that depict a variety of New Testament characters as they attempt to answer this life changing question. Or, if you prefer a live performance with your own drama team, the scripts for each mini-movie are included. The bundle also includes PDFs of sermon guides that will equip pastors to prepare sermons that have rich historical backgrounds and biblical precepts built in. Each week will give you a different take on the question, “Who do you say I am?”

You’ll also get sermon slides, stills, motion backgrounds, a countdown, original music, customizable artwork and promotional material to help you promote your “Who Do You Say I Am?” experience at your church.
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What's Included?

  • 5 Mini Movies

    Includes 5 downloadable videos for Bartimaeus, Claudia, Disciple, Mary Magdalene, and Matthias.

  • 5 Scripts

    Incldues PDF scripts for Bartimaeus, Claudia, Disciple, Mary Magdalene, and Matthias. that you can use to perform yourself.

  • Sermon Guides

    Sermon outlines are provide for each of the 5 mini movies along with slides to use during your sermon.

  • How-To Guide

    We have written a guide that gives you some ideas on how to use Who Do You Say I Am? for your church. Click here to view.

  • Worship Media

    This series includes motion backgrounds, still backgrounds, and a countdown video to use during your worship service.

  • Artwork

    Includes the digital files for the artwork that you can use to create posters, postcards, door hangers bulletin inserts and more.

  • Sermon Intro Video

    Includes a video you can play during a transition to your sermon.

  • Music

    If you are performing Who Do You Say I Am? live, we have also included MP3 files of the same background music used in the videos.

Individual Video & Script Descriptions

The Disciple [Week 1]

When he reflects on the moment when Jesus asked, “Who do you say I am?,” one of the disciples remembers Peter’s answer—that Jesus is the Christ. It’s at this point the disciple realizes that Jesus is exactly who he said he is, and that he will be coming back to save us all.

The first in the Easter bundle, Who Do You Say I Am?, this scene gets people thinking about this important question Jesus asks of us all, considering the fact that Jesus is more than just a prophet, a good man, or a great teacher, but that he is indeed the Son of God.

Bartimaeus (Blind Man) [Week 2 - Palm Sunday]

Though he was blind, Bartimaeus could see that Jesus was more than just a great teacher. He believed and trusted that Jesus could heal his blindness when he shouted out to Jesus from the side of the road. As he recounts his story with his vision restored, Bartimaeus tells how he joined the crowds on Palm Sunday, shouting that Jesus is Hosanna in the highest.

The second in the Easter bundle, this scene sets up a sermon on Palm Sunday as congregations reflect on Jesus as King.

Claudia (Pilate’s Wife) [Week 3 - Good Friday]

Haunted by a dream about Jesus, Claudia had pleaded with her husband, Pilate, not to have anything to do with Jesus. As she shares her account, Claudia expresses concern over losing their political status and power while battling confusion over whether Jesus really was who He (and others) claimed he was.

In this new look at the Good Friday story, this scene will let people wrestle with the question, even if, like Claudia, they don’t have an answer.

Mary Magdalene [Week 4 - Easter]

As we celebrate Easter morning, Mary Magdalene recounts her experience of arriving at the empty tomb and finding Jesus alive. When He asks her to tell the others that He is alive, she finds herself overwhelmed with the reality that He did what he said he would—He is risen. He is the Messiah. The King of kings.

This scene celebrates the good news that the tomb is empty on Easter morning.

Matthias [Week 5 - Sunday after Easter]

What happens after we celebrate that Jesus conquered death and rose from the grave? Matthias stepped in as the 12th disciple after Judas was gone, and as he reflects on witnessing Jesus’ ministry over the years, he makes a declaration that he will love God, love others, and that he will lead others to Jesus.

This final scene in the Who Do You Say I Am? Easter bundle gives congregations a chance to explore what comes next after Jesus has risen? Now that we know Jesus is the Messiah, what will we do about it?